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Restored by Love

Mumbling voices? people talking? I opened my eyes.  Blurring vision? who are these people around me?  What are they talking about?  I feel so drowsy? I slipped into oblivion?

I finally woke up and found myself in the hospital bed.  ?Do you know what happened to you?  Do you remember?? I was asked.  I panicked.  I seemed to have no recollection of what had happened. 

... I was robbed ... I was hit by something hard ...

Both my head and ears were injured.

My friend had to relate to me what had happened.  On November 19, at about 6.30 pm, I was robbed of my handbag on my way home from the LRT Station.  All of a sudden, I was hit by something hard before falling to the ground.  Both my head and ears were injured.  Fortunately, a passer-by helped me.  Although I was in a terribly dizzy state, I was able to remember one of my church?s friend telephone number.  The passer-by was also able to obtain my residential address from a plastic bag of mine which happened to have my house phone bills in it.  He also helped me to lodge a police report and made arrangements for my hospital admission. 

In the hospital, I was placed under observation in the ICU Ward.  The scan showed I had blood clot in my brain.  My head had to be shaven for my operation to remove the blood clot in my head.  I avoided looking at myself in the mirror.  Will my hair grow again?  Will I suffer from amnesia?  Will I remember anything?  Why can?t I remember what had happened? 

... I mistakenly spelt the word "HUKM" as "HUKUM" ... Why had this happened to me?
Due to the side effect of the surgery, part of my vision was affected.  As I awoke one morning, I mistakenly spelt the word ?HUKM? as ?HUKUM? which means ?punishment? in Malay.  Why had this happened to me?  Was it because I displeased God and I am now suffering His punishment?  These questions were in my mind when I was discharged from the hospital and had to go back to my hometown to recuperate at my relatives? homes.

At the insistence of my eldest brother who is a very traditional person, my second brother went to ask the medium on why I had encountered the robbery.  The medium said that it was due to my being under the spell of an evil and deviant religion.

O God, why have you allowed this to happen to me?  Do you still love me?  As I reflect back, I think I would not have been able to accept what had happened if not for the support which my church friends had given to me.  I am a very quiet person, an introvert who sticks to my close circle of friends.

However during the 10 days of my stay in the hospital, more than 100 of my church friends came to visit me and to pray for me.  They encouraged me and assured me that the God whom I believe in is a God who hears prayers.  He will heal me and I will become whole again with no loss of memory.  My hair will grow again.  I was surprised that even acquaintances and those whom I did not really know from my church came to visit me.  I saw the love of God in my friends from my church.  Their love and concern deeply touched my heart.

When I was recuperating in my relatives? home, I read a book of true stories.  The true stories were about people who encountered situations which were much, much worst than mine but their faith in God helped them through their dark days.  In God they were able to find strength to meet the challenges faced by them. 

I know I went through moments of despair but I thank God that this did not cause me to go on feeling depressed and sorry for myself.  Today, I am thankful that I am alive and most of all, I am healthy and sound.  I did not lose my memory and I still remember who my God is.  My hair has grown again.  The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 ?But he said to me, ?My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.?

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all friends from my church for showing their love and concern to me because by their love, I experienced God?s love for me. 

And so I was restored by love?

By Chong Siew Heong




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