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Home Coming

I am a single parent. I raised up my pair of children myself. At the same time I had a bed-ridden mother to look after before she left us to God. It had been a rather tough time for me during that period. Anyway life had to go on. After my mother had gone, my son started working. My daughter had entered her secondary school. They are very obedient and also attached to me. Everything went well until one day on Chinese New Year Eve. As usual I prepared the reunion Chinese New Year dinner.

The telephone rang and I received the call. The caller was my son and he called from Malacca. He asked me when

The telephone rang ... The caller was my son ...

Suddenly my phone was off and there was no voice ...

the reunion dinner was. I told him that it will be at 6.30pm. Suddenly my phone was off and there was no voice, my son had put down the phone at the other end. I waited for the phone to ring again but there was only silence.

My daughter and I waited at the dinner table from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm for my son to come back for the reunion dinner but it was in vain. From then onwards, there was no more call, no more weekend coming home by my son. I waited week after week, month after month and year after year. As usual every year I prepared the reunion dinner, hoping that my son will appear and come back for the dinner.

It had been two long years I had not heard from my son. I cried every time I thought of my son and of his not coming back. I missed him very much. Christmas after Christmas and year after year I had not receive any card or call from him.

Every night I would talk to God and pray to our Father for the return of my son to me. Tears had already dried up after two long years. I almost gave up my hope and tried to put aside any hope that my son will come home for the next year's reunion dinner.

On the third year, it was raining heavily. There was thunder and storm. My door bell suddenly rang. My thought

My door bell suddenly ...

was that a salesman must be at the door. I slowly went to the door to answer and I asked ?Who is there outside?? There was no sound and I asked again and still there was no sound. Then I opened my door and I saw a man soaked with water from head to toe, and I could not recognize who he was. I asked him what he wanted, the answer was "Mum, it is me, I am your son, and I am home." I got a shock and was stunned for few seconds. Then I realized that the man standing outside my door soaked with water was my son. I quickly opened the door and my son quickly got a glass of water and with both his hands gave me the glass of water and said "Mum, mum, I am sorry, please forgive me." We hugged each other and my tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I cried with joy this time, and this was my best Christmas gift I ever had for my life and I thanked our Almighty God for answering my prayers.

By Betty Chin




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