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What if I earn the Whole World?

All eyes stayed focus at the baccarat table in Queensland, Australia on a cold winter night.  There stood two international professional gamblers facing each other with the stake of A$20,000 at hand.  ?Show me your cards?, Jimmy the banker beaming with confidence called out to his challenger.  He had already secured 9 points which is the highest point in baccarat. His Australian opponent with a grim look on his face, uttered in defeat, ?This must be your day? as he threw open his cards with a mere 1 point (second lowest point).  Jimmy smiled broadly as he began to expose his cards but to his chagrin, it turned out to be 0 points.  He shouted hysterically, ?The Devil is behind this!? ?How come?? ?How come?? he kept murmuring as he reclined into his chair watching his opponent equally astonished scooping away the cash chips.

How did Jimmy know that it was the work of the devil?  6 years ago, a similar scenario had happened except that it was the other way round.  Jimmy had 0 points and his opponent had 8 points.  When Jimmy threw open his cards, his cards showed 9 points.  Jimmy was stunned.  He did not even know how to scoop away his winnings.  Jimmy went off to think about what happened.  As he thought about it, he felt that what had happened must have been caused by the devil.  He tried playing several games and the same thing happened again and again.  Since then, Jimmy had opened his heart and soul to the demonic power which made him into a millionaire.
...which made him into a millionaire.

Why this sudden twist of fate?

Why this sudden twist of fate?  It was because he had promised his wife to win S$1million for her church.  This brought about his downfall that resulted in his losing all his years of winnings and caused him to incur debts of millions of dollars.  He was declared a bankrupt within 6 months of the fateful night.  As it is written in the good book, the devil came to steal, kill and destroy (John10.10).  How can we win from the devil to give to God?

Jimmy could not bear the continuous pursuits and demands of loan sharks and financial institutions.  So the idea of ending his life came to him.  Jimmy who lived among the rich and famous just a year ago stood on the edge of the balcony of his 17-storey condominium and was ready to jump down.  He hesitated a while and then pointed to the sky and cried out, ?Is there really a God up there?? and then jumped down.  The next morning, he awoke and found himself fully alive lying at the balcony.  He was absolutely bewildered and called out to his wife.  ?There is a God and a very powerful one!?  He told her what had happened the previous night and they hugged each other and cried.  It was by the grace of God he was brought back to life.

After much counseling from his sister and brother-in-law who are devoted Christians, Jimmy completely surrendered his life to Jesus.  Subsequently, many miracles came upon his newly restored life and a notable one was that a church member, who did not know him, helped him to discharge himself from bankruptcy.

?George, as we are very close cousins and I know your gambling habits, you are the first relative whom I am sharing my story with since coming from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?.  A concerned Jimmy continued with his story.  ?You see, during that 6 turbulent years under the devil?s bondage, I could not find peace and joy.  Life was in complete darkness, full of fear and superstitions.  When I committed my life to Jesus who is ever gracious and merciful, He transformed my life to what it should be.  Right now, I am traveling around the globe testifying to the transforming power of Jesus.  As God is gracious, He provided for all my needs and most importantly, He caused the reunion between me and my father with whom I had cut off ties during the dark period.?

I could not find peace and joy.  Life was in complete darkness, full of fear and superstitions ...
?George?, Jimmy entreated, ?Do you want Jesus the Son of the living God to come into your life as He had come into my life?  He came to die for us so that we can have life and have it more abundantly?.  As Jimmy summed up our conversation which gone on for an hour, he said, ?Look, if you die today without accepting Him as your Saviour, you will go to the burning fire of hell forever (Revelations 20:15)?.

Jimmy?s story really moved me like never before although I had attended many church services.  At that moment, I responded by saying ?Yes, I want HIM too?.  Jimmy was overjoyed and he prayed for me.  That night I truly met God and from then on, I finally broke the curse of my gambling and other bad habits.

Right now, I am serving as a counselor and in the senior fellowship and I am a small group leader.  Without Jesus, my life would be no better than the life of Jimmy during his turbulent years.  Friend, we need Jesus who is the true and living God.  Open your heart and accept Him as your Saviour and allow Him to transform your life.

By George Lee



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