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Cash & Cheque Deposit

  1. Please deposit cash/cheque with any Public Bank branches in Malaysia . All you need to do is to complete a Bank In Slip (Deposit Slip) with the following information*:

    Payable to: Act Of Love
    Bank account:
    United Oversea Bank (A/c number: 3823 0031 368)  or
    Public Bank (A/c number 3129044203)

    *Please add RM10 to the total payment for mailing charges.

  2. The bank will return a copy of the Bank In Slip (Deposit Slip) to you after completion. Fax your Bank In slip together with the following details to this number: 
    Fax: 603-928 1 6832 
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Contact Number
    4. Email address (optional)
    5. Fax number

  3. We will only mail out the ticket after confirmation of deposit cash/cheque is bank into the account. We will inform you through SMS once mailed out. Kindly provide us your hand phone number for us to sms to us.

  4. For any query, please email us at bankincheque@actoflove.org.my.

Terms & Conditions

  1. First Assembly of God Church (the ?Church?) and the organizers of Act of Love are not liable for any loss which may occur in respect of the transaction or the mailing of the Invitation Passes
  2. Any balance of the mailing charges after provision for expenses will be distributed to charities and social concerns.

The Church and the organisers of Act of Love assume no responsibility with respect to unclaimed or returned Invitation Passes due to any circumstances unless prior arrangement is made for their collection.

Sample of both Cheque and Cash deposit bankslip:





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