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Our 2004 Artistes
We had Sky Wu and Jeff Chang as our artistes for our two performance nights entitled "Silent Night Charity Countdown 2004" &
"Christmas Charity Night 2004".

"Pianist of Love" award Top 10 Albums at the 4th Hua Yu Yin Yue Chuan Mei Da Jiang, China 2004

Awarded Best Male Vocalist at the 15th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan 2004

"Pianist of Love" awarded Top 10 Albums for 2003 by Zhong Hua Yin Yue Ren Jian Lin Xie Hui, Taiwan 2004

Awarded "Best New Songwriter" at the 1st China Original Songs Award, China 2004

Nominated for "Best Singer-Songwriter" and "Best Male Vocalist" at the 3rd Malaysian Music Awards, Malaysia 2004

"Te Bie De Ai Gei Te Bie De Ni" nominated for "My Favourite Song for the Last Twenty Years (1983-1992)" at the Singapore Hit Awards 2003

"Wanting" awarded the Top 10 Album and the Top 10 Single for 2001 by Zhong Hua Yin Yue Ren Jiao Liu Xie Hui, Taiwan 2002

Nominated for the Best Male Vocalist at the 13th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan 2002.

Well-known for his distinctive high-pitch voice, Jeff Chang is not only popular in his homeland Taiwan but also in Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China, Malaysia and literally in all Chinese speaking communities around the world.

Jeff has also won the GOLDEN SONG AWARD for the BEST MALE SINGER - the most prestiguous award in Taiwan.

He focuses on sentimental love songs, which he delivers with a lot of feeling. This has caused the media to dub him as the "Prince of Love Ballads".





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