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进入12月(一年容易又圣诞),两个落魄的电视工作者(社会的不景气) 遇见 吵架的两公婆(人心的脆弱与疏离) 再碰到 充满疑问的两爷孙(人性的好奇与需要) 会擦出什么样的火花?
6个人的出现,竟然搞出一个全新的电视节目《我有权问》,展开了一场追根究底旅程;也揭开了圣诞的面纱,找到了隐藏已久的答案。 每个人心中都有着一个不解的疑问,为什么这麽多为什么?这个城市是不是生病了? 这城市还有甚麽是珍贵的? 不过?在这圣诞节,你有权问!

About the drama
What would you see when two TV broadcasters collide with a quarreling couple? What would you see when they come across a puzzled grandpa & grandson in the season of Christmas? Everybody has an unsolved question in a town filled with despair. But?you know you can always ask!

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Come join us and have a great fun!!!

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