1. Jet Chin - Jeff Chin 饰演
Jet Chin,30岁。拥有一家电视制作公司。性格冲动急躁求知欲强、

1. Jet Chin - Jeff Chin

A 30 year old impatient man who faces financial difficulty in his TV production company. When he met with a quarrelling couple; Albert & Sophia, and come across with a puzzling question from Grandpa Wong & Grandson Justin, he was inspired to produce a TV show entitled ?I know I can ask?. Through this TV show, it opens his journey in search of truth.


2. Rosy - Yew Yan Teng
A 24 year old wife who faithfully works in Jet Chin?s company for the past 6 years. Although the company is going down hill, she still maintains her loyalty to the company in order to support her boss.



3. Grandpa Wong - Chow Hon Cher
A 75 year old widower and a faithful Christian who is takes care of his grandson due to his son?s marriage turmoil. He prays and has great faith that God can turn things for the better.


4.王启明/Justin-Justin Lim饰演

4. Grandson Justin - Justin Lim
A 13 year old teen and son of Albert & Sofia who lost faith in his religious belief due to the separation of his parents? marriage. He is discontent with many things in the world and lives his with many grudges.


5.Albert -张日强饰演

5. Albert Wong - Eric Chong
A 45 year old engineer & former Christian who fathered Justin at the age of 32. He wishes his wife to resign from her job and to become a housewife. Due to busyness of work, he neglected his marriage and church life. It causes the separation with his wife when his son was 8 years old. Justin, the son is handed over to his father, Grandpa Wong.


6. Sohpia - Leong Wai Wai
A 39 year old sophisticated metro woman with a great career ambition. As the wife of Albert, she believes that there?s more to marriage than having children. Her career ambition made her neglect her marriage and her son.


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